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Encounters is what Chat & Date is all about - meeting new people, having fun and expecting the unexpected. It's exciting and full of possibilities. Give it a go!

  1. What happens when I send a smile to another user?

    It can be tricky to start conversations, but sending a smile is easy. That's why we have our "smile" feature to help you get things started. When you press this button, we’ll send a short message introducing you to your new match!

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  2. What is Encounters?

    Encounters is at the core of the Chat & Date experience. We show you photos of users who match your interests, and you decide if you want to meet them. Just set your search criteria , flick through your choices and see who you like.

    You can increase how often you appear in Encounters when other Chat & Date users are looking at it. Just get some Extra shows
    and watch your popularity rise.

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  3. How can I find out who likes me?
    The Liked you folder shows you all the people who voted ‘Yes’ when they saw you in Encounters. You can access your Liked you folder by activating Chat & Date Premium.
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  4. Where can I find my matches?

    Your matches are the people who voted ‘Yes’ for you and who you liked too in Encounters. You can access their profiles directly from Messages to start chatting and make friends. So that you're able to differentiate between matches and messages from users you have not matched with yet, matches will have a heart icon on them .

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  5. What is the Crush feature?

    Sending a Crush means that you can let other users know how much you like them by clicking the next to their photo in Encounters.

    Sending a Crush to someone means that they will be able to check out your profile straight away, and you can use Credits to send Crushes to as many users as you like! Note that there is no Undo when sending a Crush.

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