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Your popularity page shows you how much your profile rocks! Your average popularity is calculated daily based on your new visitors, new matches and the amount of people who like your profile. If you want to give your profile a boost, use our premium features like Rise Up, Get Featured, Extra Shows or get Chat & Date Premium!

  1. What is Rise Up?

    Rise Up is a great way to get noticed. It puts your profile at the top of search results for people in your area and when you're in first place you’ll get more views and messages.

    You can activate it by selecting Rise Up on your Popularity page.

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  2. How can I increase my popularity?

    If your popularity is low there are loads of easy ways to boost it! Just go to your Popularity page and select one of our features for credits. You can use Spotlight, Rise up to first place in search results , show up more in Encounters or tell everyone you are online and ready to chat .

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